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Royalty Gardens


Invest in such a rare opportunity. Buy 5 plots, get 1 free. Many of our clients took advantage of this property when it was N700,000/plot. Now it goes for N750,000/plot. Are you waiting for it to get to N1,500,000/plot before you take action?

This is a proposed estate with hi-tech infrastructures tarred roads, good drainage system, portable water, street light, fenced with gate house & 24/7 security services. No Omonile wahala.

Royalty Gardens is located at Idasho, Akodo Ise, Ibeju Lekki.
Title = Registered survey and Excision in Process

Price = N750,000/plot
3 months installment = N800,000/plot
5 plots = N3,750,000/5 plots.

Promo = Buy 5 plots and get 1 free.

Call: +2348037843617 to buy now

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