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Highly Flexible Payment Plan

Almost every smart investment-oriented person knows that real estate is a passive way of earning good long term income. But affordability is a problem for most people. The challenge is less of the huge cost but the lump sum.

These costs include:

  1. The cost of the land fee
  2. The survey plan fee
  3. Legal documentation fee
  4. Architectural plan fee
  5. Structural drawing fee
  6. Developmental fee
All these run into units, tens or hundreds of millions depending on the land specification.
The good news is that some super-smart investors are adopting a strategy called the highly flexible payment plan to achieve their real estate goals.
What is then a flexible payment plan?
Before I explain what a flexible payment plan is, let me first define an instalment payment plan (an instalment).
An instalment is a plan that allows you to pay for a property in piecemeal/bits. That is, you are allowed to spread the payment over several months or a few years.
A flexible payment plan, on the other hand, allows you to default payment for a few months but expects you to pay up before the expiration of the period.
Sometimes, we all find ourselves in situations that make us default payment. That is what makes the flexible payment plan deal better than the instalment.
With this payment structure, super-smart real estate investors like Evans Omokhebe, Tioluwalase Temitope, Mike Atare, Frank Aghwaritefe, Basirat Fashina and several other persons have invested in real estate.
It's not worth it living to share a regret instead of a success story. Invest in real estate now to enjoy capital gain and/or rise in rental income in future.  

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