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About De Donnies Homes

De Donnies Homes is a real estate consulting firm incorporated in Nigeria (RC: 2833244) by the Corporate Affairs Commission, the body responsible for registering all government recognized organizations in the country.

We are an independent team of highly experienced real estate investment advisers who have spent quality time to identify, investigate, verify and partner with some of the best real estate developers in Nigeria which include:
  1. RevolutionPlus
  2. Landwey Investment Limited
  3. Pazino ECC
  4. Gracias Global
  5. Antotorino Investment Limited
  6. Casafina
  7. Pazinobn
  8. Bricks and Bars
Our years of relationship with those giant real estate developers have helped us trust them based on their credibility, real estate investment IQ, locating their estates in fast-growing cities that guarantee a high return on real estate investment amidst their fairly low or moderate cost of land and houses etc.

It is our trust for these real estate companies/developers that made us list some of their plots of land and houses for sale on our site. However, we will still offer our advisory services to you for free even if you intend to buy elsewhere because we are sincerely interested in building a long-lasting relationship with you that will eventually make you see good reasons to buy a home or invest in real estate through us someday.

De Donnies Homes' real estate consulting services are free because we double as a consultant to you and an affiliate to our partners (real estate developers), so they pay the consultancy fee on your behalf.

Benefits of Buying Through Us
  1. You will enjoy free consultancy services
  2. You will get detailed (pictorial and video) information on a wide variety of real estate properties.
  3. We will consider your budget and real estate investment needs to help suggest estate location and compare prices that fall within your budget.
  4. We will help you choose a property that assures a high return on investment from the ocean of houses and land for sale in Lagos and Nigeria in general.
  5. You will not fall into the hands of land grabbers (omoniles) or buy from government committed areas (government land).
  6. We will help you with the application and processing of all the property documents.
  7. We will be fully involved from the purchase to the allocation stage of the property.
  8. We will be helpful with any other during-or-after-sale services you will need us to render.
If you would need any help as regards real estate investment in Nigeria, please do let us know:
Tel or Whatsapp: +2348037843617.

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